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Didem Atasoy

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Didem Atasoy was born in Istanbul, Turkey, into a family of performing artists. She started singing in various children’s choirs at the age of 5, taking piano lessons when she was 8 and ballet classes at the age of 10. Shortly after turning 18 she started her career as a professional dancer.

Didem worked for two of the most important dance companies in Turkey, touring Europe, before she decided to focus again on her education. She studied acting and singing which allowed her to become the triple threat performer that she always dreamed of. During her university years, she continued working freelance as an actress, singer, and dancer. After graduation, she performed in many theatre projects, concerts, and events, including Grease, The Urinetown, Footloose and Some like it Hot.

After a successful career in Turkey as one of the most versatile and demanded performers, she decided to move to London to continue her career. She is now working both in the UK and in Turkey. She continues working as the head choreographer and music director of the Kazan Dairesi Theatre in Istanbul. Besides performing in various projects in London, she also works as a music teacher at Loughton Music Academy and gives private singing and piano lessons in Brixton and online. For more information about music lessons, go to the 'Teaching' section above..